Hotel Ariana Kiten

Hotels Black Sea, Kiten, Bulgaria

Welcome to the official website of Ariana Hotel!
The hotel is located in a cool beech forest
only 200 meters from the beach
on the southern Black Sea coast

Hotel booking terms and conditions

Dear customers,

In order to make a reservation it is necessary to fill in some personal data – name, address, telephone number.

Your data is protected in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the regulations governing security of information and are processed only in connection with the requirements of the Tourism Act.

This information will be used solely in connection with your booking will not be made available for other purposes.

"Trans Tour Kiten” ЕAD has a certificate for administrator of personal data with identification number: 0013812 issued by the Commission for protection of personal data in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Before submitting a reservation request, the customer must read the "Trans Tour Kiten” ЕAD general terms and conditions for hotel bookings.

The customer has to agree with these terms and accept them. If the client does not accept the general terms and conditions for hotel bookings, his reservation request will not be considered.

Reservations and registration:

You can request reservation in one of the following ways:

- By filling in and sending a reservation form from the "Trans Tour Kiten” ЕAD website:

- By sending an e-mail to: 

Once we receive and process your request, we will confirm that you can make a reservation by sending you a Booking card. After "Trans Tour Kiten” ЕAD confirms the reservation, the customer must pay a deposit, the amount of which shall be determined on the basis of the selected offer and payment method. If no payment is made within the period stated in the booking card the reservation will be automatically canceled. In such case, the hotel bears no moral, material or other liability for the cancellation of the reservation. Your reservation is valid and is deemed confirmed after advance payment of the amount quoted in the specific request and receipt of Confirmation. This Confirmation you will receive electronically in case of successful payment and correct contact data. It is the customer’s responsibility to check their booking and to ensure that all details are correct. The remainder of the full price is paid according to the manner and the time limits referred to in the booking card, which "Trans Tour Kiten” ЕAD sends to the customer, unless stated otherwise.


Check-in - after 2 pm

Check-out – before 11 am

We will hold your booking until 00:00 (midnight).

Pets are accepted after prior notification.

Accommodation at the hotel requires presentation of personal documents certifying the identity of the customer who made the reservation and prove of payment for the services provided.

Payment of reservations:

- in cash: in the "Trans Tour Kiten” ЕAD office or at reception of the “Ariana” hotel

- in the following bank account in leva:

Account holder: "Trans Tour Kiten” ЕAD

IBAN: BG 30 PRCB 9230 103 523 70 10

BIC: PRCBBGSF - ProKredit Bank AD

Upon confirmed and paid (partly or in full) booking "Trans Tour Kiten” ЕAD issues and sends the customer a Confirmation, guaranteeing the right to accommodation.

Terms of cancellation:

Any cancellation of reservation for which we have sent you a confirmation should be sent in writing to the "Trans Tour Kiten” ЕAD, e-mail address:                                     

- If the clients want to cancel a tourist service, which they have already paid for, they can do so without penalty no later than 30 days before the date of arrival.

- If a reservation is cancelled between 30 and 10 days before the starting date of accommodation, we will charge you the price of one full-board day and refund the rest of the amount you have paid.

- If a reservation is cancelled less than 10 days before the starting date of accommodation, we will charge you the price of two full-board days and refund the rest of the amount you have paid.

- If a reservation is cancelled "Trans Tour Kiten” ЕAD refunds the amount paid by the customer within 30 working days from the date of receipt of a written request from the customer, and is not liable to penalty.

- If you do not turn up before midnight on the first day of accommodation, the amount paid for your reservation will not be refunded, and the reservation will be deemed cancelled.

"Trans Tour Kiten” ЕAD reserves the right to cancel a confirmed and paid booking in case of force majeure or for other reasons beyond the control of the hotelier. In these cases, the hotelier:

- Offers the client accommodation for another period while maintaining the same conditions and prices.


1. "Trans Tour Kiten” EAD provides the customer hotel services according to the reservation request received from the website or by e-mail or in the "Trans Tour Kiten” ЕAD and the conditions described in detail in the general terms and conditions for booking and Booking card.

2. Rights and obligations of the parties:

2.1. "Trans Tour Kiten” ЕAD undertakes to provide the client the full amount of paid services.

2.2. "Trans Tour Kiten” ЕAD undertakes not to change the price of the services paid by the client, except in exceptional cases, where this is economically justified.

2.3. In the event that the customer wishes to be provided with additional services outside the programme or has specific requirements in terms of food, accommodation and others, these must be stated in the reservation request. "Trans Tour Kiten” ЕAD will do everything possible to meet them, but gives no guarantees to do so unconditionally.

2.4. When the request is made by telephone, the tourist service must be confirmed by the customer in writing via e-mail or via the reservation form on the "Trans Tour Kiten” ЕAD website:

2.5. In case of cancellation of a confirmed reservation and if no other conditions and terms are specified, depending on the specifics of the selected service, part of the amount paid shall be withheld pursuant to the Terms of cancellation.

2.6. "Trans Tour Kiten” ЕAD is not responsible and does not reimburse the amounts in the event that cancellations are caused by force majeure, such as war, terrorism, strikes, epidemics, natural disasters and other circumstances.

2.7. "Trans Tour Kiten” ЕAD is not liable for damages caused by actions by third parties.

2.8. All claims relating to the quality of the purchased services must be brought by the customer at the hotel with the purpose of elimination of the deficiencies. The claims should be in written form. In the event that the requirements are not met, the client should request a protocol by one of the responsible officers. Within 3 working days after the date of the protocol the client will receive the official opinion on the problem by the Hotel Manager.

2.9. The Internet speed depends on the Wi-Fi signal and is limited to 2Mbp/s.

2.10. Refunds for services unused in whole or in part, the fault of the "Trans Tour Kiten” ЕAD or its contractors, are received only against presentation of issued to the customer confirmation documents (tickets, vouchers and other) with appropriately made and validated by representatives of "Trans Tour Kiten” ЕAD corrections and cancellations.

Payments for requested, but unused services wholly or partly the fault of the customer, will not be refunded.

All prices quoted on the "Trans Tour Kiten” ЕAD website, and in e-mail messages sent to the clients are in leva and are final (in some cases they might be tied in to other offers, promotions and conditions).